An Internal Collapse

by Burning Beneath

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released September 1, 2010

Produced by Eliot Geller.
Artwork by Franco Governale.
All songs written and composed by Burning Beneath.



all rights reserved


Burning Beneath Hartford, Connecticut

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Track Name: Abstract By Design
As I stare, at this piece, I cannot comprehend what is before me. I cannot bear what I see, staring at what cannot be controlled.

Walking into the grey tunnel of uncertainty, my instincts tell me to fear what I do not understand. Yet my mind tells me to accept. I fail to see the greater picture. Concepts escape me.

My ideals, my thoughts, my opinions thrown into question. What I once held so dear, now meaningless. What I once held so dear, now meaningless, a void unparallel with consciousness.

As I stare at this piece I fear, I fear what I do not understand. My struggle with sanity and truth consuming my mind. My only craving is clarity, a clarity that I cannot grasp. I cower before the sight, the sight of this piece. I question the creator's motives. This piece must be abstract by design.

An internal collapse of catastrophic proportions.
All of mankind will bow before its greatness.
We are all mortals before this piece.
Before this piece.

Abstract by design.
Abstract by mankind.
Never have we existed.
Never have we existed.
Track Name: Before the Beaten and the Broken
The streets lay to waste, to all the filth that resides within. The torment rots their souls, inhuman creation I have become. Soulless, unabiding to any code or pact. Soulless, unabiding to any code or pact.

I am what I am. You cannot fucking kill me.

Even if I could stop, I wouldn't want to. Your blood smeared on my face is arousing beyond all measure. I breath deep, the smell of burning flesh stings my nostrils.

Broken before me, beaten and maimed, I take your pathetic existence as a trophy to my unattainable power. I breathe in your filth, I spew out my hate, I swallow down your soul. Forever you are mine.

Begin the genocide! Before the beaten and the broken. Before the lost and the forgotten. I stand, I stand, before the genocide. The genocide, my infernal creation.